Strength in numbers

Protecting the continuity of independence. You are our focus whether you be a patient, carer, healthcare professional, pharmacist, a commissioner or a representative of the NHS.

We understand how important it is the product prescribed is the one that gets dispensed, the need for the best possible health and economic outcomes and the need for a partner focused on a better future. By working together, through SIACA we are able to pool our healthcare and business knowledge. We work directly with healthcare professionals and commissioners on a day-to-day basis and we frequently carry out research with patients, nurses, clinicians and carers. Consequently we are able to use our insights to lobby policy makers, to support patients and the healthcare professionals taking care of them. In short, by speaking with one voice, as an association, we have a place at the table and we are able to take part in the debate about the future of healthcare in a meaningful way.


Quick fact
In 2021 our members dispensed over 2.1 million prescriptions on your behalf without compromising the instructions from you or your Healthcare Professional