Our research

1. We are jointly, with the Urology Trades Associations and the British Healthcare Trades Association, carrying out a Health Economics study into the benefits of the Part IX drug tariff category.This reserach is aming to demonstrate that the Part IX framework is of tremendouse value in aiding product and service innovation into the UK market, upholding patient servcie choice and product availability and giving the UK economy excellent value for money.

The study is aiming for a publication date of late summer/early Autum 2016.

2. All member organisations carry out patient surveys on a annual basis as part of their adherence to the clinical governance NHS framework. These surveys can be viewed on the individual company websites or on locall Clinical Commissioning group websites.

For more information please visit our contact page. Membership information packs are sent out by mail. Therefore please ensure that you provide your postal address when requesting any membership information.