Welcome to SIACA

Speaking with one voice and championing un-compromised choice through independence.

We are the Specialist Independent Appliance Contractors Association (SIACA). Our members are independent unlike those that are linked to or owned by appliance manufacturers.

Our goal: We believe in freedom of choice and this is, critically, underpinned by our independence which we seek to protect by being a strong voice within the healthcare community.

What we do: It is in many ways about what we do not do. We do not interfere. Clinical choices made between HCPs and patients are respected and uncompromised by our members. When it comes to supplying Stoma and Urology Appliances as well as Wound Care Dressings we understand your need for confidence in terms of continuity of appliance and service. 

Please look out for the SIACA Choice Assured mark – only the members of the Specialist Independent Appliance Contractors Association can use it.