Welcome to SIACA
The Specialist Independent Appliance Contractors Association

We’re SIACA – the Specialist Independent Appliance Contractors Association – a UK trade body representing independent Dispensing Appliance Contractors (DACs) within the NHS dispensing contractor supply network.  

An independent DAC is one that is not vertically integrated with or owned by a device or appliance manufacturer.

We bring independent appliance contractors together as one voice for patients, carers, healthcare professionals, pharmacists, commissioners and stakeholders of the NHS.

SIACA – our mission

At SIACA our mission is to promote the benefits available to patients and clinicians when they want to access the full range of information and choices available.

We firmly believe in empowering patients to make informed decisions about their care, free from any undue influence or bias, with the involvement of their Health care Professional when appropriate.

Advocating Impartiality: Our members are independent appliance contractors – and this sets us apart. They provide a range of services including home delivery, customisation and patient support and are not owned by the manufacturers of the medical devices they dispense. This independence means our members have no commercial interest in the products used by patients or clinicians. This ensures patients receive the best information available and most suitable products for their specific needs, as determined by their healthcare providers. 

Collaboration and Support: SIACA serves as a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among our members. We foster an environment where independent DACs can exchange best practices, stay updated on industry advancements, and collectively work towards enhancing patient care and outcomes. 


Our members

Our members supply a wide range of essential prescription products and services to many thousands of patients.

The types of products our members dispense include: 

  • Ostomy
    Stoma supplies for colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy patients 
  • Urology
    Catheters, drainage bags and other urinary continence supplies 
  • Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy
    Products after head and neck surgery 
  • Woundcare
    Dressings and compression hosiery 
Dispensing Appliance Contractor

What is a Dispensing Appliance Contractor (DAC)?

A Dispensing Appliance Contractor (DAC) provides a similar service to a pharmacy. However a DAC is a specialised supplier of medical appliances and devices rather than pharmaceuticals or medication. Such products are often used in the treatment of long-term medical conditions – such as stoma bags, incontinence products, compression garments, wound dressings and other medical aids. DACs are limited to the supply of appliances as listed in Part IXA, IXB and IXC of the Drug Tariff.

DACs work closely with the NHS and healthcare professionals to ensure that patients receive the correct type and quantity of medical appliances they need to manage their medical conditions. In the last year DACs dispensed over 11 million items to patients. In this period SIACA members dispensed 3.3 million of these items which means SIACA members dispense over 30% of all Part IX items dispensed by DACs.

All DACs offer a home delivery service, delivering products directly to patients’ homes – both for convenience and continuity of care.

SIACA ‘Choice Assured’

The SIACA ‘Choice Assured’ mark is a guarantee that our members respect the choices that patients make with their nurse – ensuring the product they are prescribed is the product that’s dispensed.

Patients and carers: We promise to respect the choices you have made with your nurse. We know you have invested in the relationship and you do not want the products agreed upon to be compromised so we prioritise a continuity of appliance and service.

Healthcare Professionals and pharmacists: In addition to everything we promise your patients we also promise that if you try us as a new customer we will make it easy for you to leave and find an alternative supplier.

Commissioners: We are focused on being the best possible partners for the long-term future of the NHS. We promise to work with you transparently using real world positive outcomes data. We know in this way decisions can be made with greater confidence.

The NHS: We will always, evidently and proactively, protect choice underpinned by independence.

Look out for the SIACA Choice Assured mark – only the members of the Specialist Independent Appliance Contractors Association can use it.

NHS prescription delivery


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